Unveiling the art and science in grafting the Pomato: A Rwandan Innovation for Double Harvest

Unveiling the art and science in grafting the Pomato: A Rwandan Innovation for Double Harvest

April 15, 2024, 10:12 a.m.

Ever dreamt of harvesting both tomatoes and potatoes from the same plant? Thanks to groundbreaking research by AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, in partnership with the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM), this dream is inching closer to reality!

This exciting research, conducted in greenhouses within Musanze, Rwanda, tackles the challenge of limited farmland. By grafting tomatoes onto potato rootstocks, AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd envisions doubling greenhouse production. This innovative technique, aptly named “Pomato," holds immense potential for Rwandan potato/tomato farmers.

Tomato yield from POMATO (Grafted tomato into potato)

A Public-Private Partnership that Bears Fruit:

The Pomato project exemplifies the power of collaboration. Year 3 & 4 students at UR-CAVM, members of the AGRIRESEARCH Club, are conducting their thesis research on this project under the guidance of both university professors and AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd. This public-private partnership ensures the research is not only academically sound but also commercially relevant.

Promising Results:

AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA began this revolutionary research in 2021, and the results obtained in 2024 are nothing short of promising. The initial harvest this year is currently undergoing lab analysis, paving the way for further studies.

Abdu USANASE, CEO of AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd, during his follow-up visit to see the progress of Pomato research underscores commitment to supporting market-oriented research. He met two students (Eric and Honorine) the students under AU and UR-CAVM partnership program


More than just Musanze:

While the current research is based in Musanze District, AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd acknowledges the need for further exploration. Their goal is to determine the Pomato's commercial viability in various Rwandan environments beyond the Musanze District.

Stay Tuned!

This is just the beginning of the Pomato story. AGRIRESEARCH UNGUKA Ltd is committed to continuous research, ensuring this innovation reaches its full potential. Stay tuned for future updates as we witness a revolution in Rwandan agriculture!

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